Our Mission

To be the leading contributor in making South Africa a more service friendly environment by providing powerful service measurement tools and quality training solutions that equip decision makers to enhance their customers' buying experience for today and beyond.

What the B Business stands for

The B Business's commitment to service starts from within its own ethos. Everyone within the company is inducted on the importance of quality service. They all focus on 'thinking like a customer' and taking responsibility for their actions in everything they do.

They also believe everyone in every organisation should be:

B. . . customer focused
B. . . business oriented
B. . . professional
B. . . committed to service
B. . . proud of what they are contributing to the success of the business!

Whether the person is running the company, selling the company's products, maintaining its administrative systems, or cleaning its toilets! - all of the above applies. With this kind of thinking a business should be growing, even when the "boss" is not around!


Our Company

The B Business has specialised in customer service training and development in South Africa over the last 12 years.  The founder has been providing this service for over 18 years both in South Africa and internationally (UK, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Seychelles).

The B Business is also one of the main providers of the SA Host customer service programme which is run throughout South Africa.  The Host programme is run in 14 other countries around the world.  The B Business has trained hundreds of employees in different areas during their crusade to improving service standards nationally.

They have also been involved in numerous corporate customer service improvement programmes, designing and tailoring the training material to meet the specific needs of the organisations.  The main presenter has dealt with companies such as Coca Cola, Sun International, Toyota South Africa, BMW, Sithabile Technology Group, Waltons, Sovereign Health and Rainbow Chickens.

Training topics include high performance customer service skills, telephone tune-up skills, customer focused writing skills, winning difficult customers, as well as practical leadership skills to get the most from teams.

How 'Score our Service' became part of the business

One of the biggest challenges of any service training is to ensure that staff continue to apply their new skills back at the work place.  This is where management's role is critical.  Their role is also critical in ensuring that staff's energy is focused and directed towards meeting customer needs.  After all, the only true measurement of success is how the customer perceives your service.

However, in smaller companies there is rarely a formal measurement system in place to ensure that customers are happy with their staff's performance.  In larger companies, formal customer feedback mechanisms are in place, however the feedback is generally filtered through either an external company or an internal department.  It is also usually based on a controlled set of questions that target specific areas the company wants feedback on.  In both cases the key roleplayers within the business rarely receive customer feedback "straight from the horse's mouth".

This led to the need to find an easy-to-use customer feedback mechanism that really gets it 'straight from the horse's mouth' to the person who can make decisions about what to do with the feedback.  SMS is a universally understood means of communication across all cultures within South Africa.  It has no geographical boundaries.  It is therefore a powerful communication method that is inclusive, quick and effective.

The B Business has therefore chosen the SMS communication method to establish the South Africa Service Drive called "Score our Service" .  The objective will be to heighten awareness of consumers and businesses alike as to service expectations within the marketplace.  Customers will be encouraged to give open and honest feedback to businesses - both positive and negative.  Businesses will be encouraged to listen to and act upon this feedback to improve service standards nationally.

The SMS service measurement tool is also now being used as the platform for a number of tourism related organisation's Annual Service Excellence Awards.  This tool, together with Mystery Shoppers and Telephone Assessments, is used to indentify, recognise and reward member companies that deliver exceptional service.








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